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Dr.Sky 2017 Total Solar Eclipse Expedition...

The United States has not seen a total solar eclipse since Feb 1979. On Aug 21st, 2017 millions will experience this uniquecelestial event. Where will you be? For many the eclipse will only be a deep partial eclipse. It is important to acquirethe proper solar glasses and equipment.

Only those fortunate enough to be within a seventy mile wide path will experience true totality. We have compiled some great eclipse products from our valued suppliers to help you and your family enjoy and remember this truly amazing event.

Please order early, so as to assure enough delivery time for many of these products.

We wish you and yours the very best for a safe and satisfying eclipse event. After this the next major total solar eclipse in the USA will take place on April 8th, 2024.

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Total Eclipse Moonshine

100 proof Casey’s Cut at its finest, the Total Eclipse Moonshine from Casey Jones Distillery is the closest you can get to bottling nature’s rare phenomenon. Happening on August 21, 2017, this moonshine commemorates this rare event. Hopkinsville, Kentucky and Casey Jones Distillery will experience the 2017 total solar eclipse the longest at two minutes and forty seconds.

Very simply, Optimal Harmony Water Company exists to manufacture, promote, and distribute AQUA OH–!™.

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Adittional Dr.Sky Product/Vendor Suggestions, unique & usefull items

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InfiniTees Solar Eclipse - Glow in the Dark


















Lunt Solar Eclipse Solar glasses are manufactured in Germany and are 100% safe for direct viewing of the Sun and Solar Eclipses.

Eclipse glasses will be in very high demand prior to the USA total Solar Eclipse. Typical Eclipse events have seen Eclipse glasses go for as much as $25 ea. Chances are that Eclipse glasses will be sold out and unavailable the days before August 21st.

These Solar glasses are IN STOCK and available for immediate delivery.

The Price per 5 Glasses is $15.00 incl. shipping.











Perfect for SAFELY viewing the upcoming Solar Eclipse!

Meets ISO 123112-2:2015

CE certified to 12-16 of EN 169/1992.

Removable white-light Solar Filter for use BOTH day & night!

Newtonian Reflector with a generous 82mm (3.2") aperture to give you a great view of the Moon, planets, and the Sun!

Lightweight (3.8 lbs) and a compact 300mm (f/3.7) focal length for ultimate portability

Comes with 26mm and 9mm eyepieces for low and high magnifications.

Includes a 2x Barlow lens to double the magnifying power of your eyepieces

360° swivel mount and a simple point-and-look design for easy use


Camera Concepts www.

Perfect for SAFELY viewing the Solar Eclipse!

Meets ISO 123112-2:2015

CE certified to 12-16 of EN 169/1992

Removable white-light filters Meade high-quality, 10-power, porro prism binoculars deliver years of use.

Coated optics and BK-7 prisms provide bright, high-resolution images.

Rubber armoring protects precision optics against impact.

Includes removable solar filters, padded case, neck strap, and cleaning cloth.


Camera Concepts www.

Within the human body water plays just as important a role as it does on planet earth.

The basic building block of all known living organisms is the cell and all of the components of the cell are dissolved in water. Not only are they dissolved in water, but they derive their structure and activity from their interactions with water.



























































































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